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Welcome, Beautiful Soul

My name is Akushi Angel

I am devoted to helping people connect with the Divine Presence, and to develop their skills as leaders. I am committed to providing resources and support that help people grow spiritually and professionally.
I envision a world where people live in harmony with each other and nature, guided by their connection to the Divine. I am here to help you on your journey; I offer a variety of services and would love to hear from you.


Why Choose AkushiAngel?

Holistic Wisdom

Certified Gene Keys Guide, Life Coach, DT Practitioner, Dancer: Rooted in extensive training and qualifications in social and pastoral counselling, holistic health, life coaching, and meditation. Combining lived felt experience, academic certification, and ongoing learning, I offer compassionate and precise guidance with a unique, holistic approach to healing and personal growth.​

The Gentle Guide 

As The Gentle Guide, AkushiAngel's approach to self-discovery helps unlock your natural gifts and the keys to purpose, passion, and prosperity by fostering a loving and accepting space, providing a safe environment for inquiry where you feel heard and understood, and offering compassionate, patient, and gentle guidance in every session.

Person Centered

At AkushiAngel, each session is shaped to meet your individual needs, ensuring a personalized path, emphasizing transparency and realism with honest, tailored guidance, creating intimate spaces for exploration and growth, and offering inspirational and delightful interactions that nurture your soul.

A New Path

As an empathetic guide on your illuminating journey towards emotional wellness, AkushiAngel is devoted and committed to your growth and healing, embracing an expansive and abundant approach to wellness, and encouraging freedom and adventure in your journey.

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