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Distant Reiki Healing

Distant Reiki Healing

We are more than the physical body, beyond the physical is the spiritual which is made of energies that vibrate at higher frequencies than the energies found in the physical body.

Energy resonates within the Rainbow Vibration torus allowing us to communicate from the physical realm into the angelic realm guided by Universal Love where profound and powerful distant healing can be channelled through me to you, to bring about rebalancing and harmony and promote well-being in the Energy Centres called Chakras, Energy Pathways called the Meridians within the body and the Energy Field  surrounding the body called the Aura, this receptive energy filed is vibrating at various frequencies and communicates with the  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.

We will decide a date and time where you can relax without any disturbance. Allow 20 minutes to receive distant healing.

I will connect with Rainbow Vibration and transmit Angel Reiki to give you a chakra, meridian and aura balancing session.

Archangel Raziel Rainbow Vibration is a simple, natural, safe and non-invasive practice within the realm of compassion and love.

Archangel Raziel Rainbow Vibration will compliment any medical or therapeutic therapy. I am a Certified Reiki Master with over 15 years’ experience working alongside the professional professions. When I do this healing, I connect deeply with the angelic realms and from this sacred space and inner wisdom I am guided by Archangel Raziel to feel the auric field around the body and the chakra centres and be sensitive to blocked energy.

When I feel an area that needs distant healing I allow rainbow channelling to pass through me to you, the client. Archangel Raziel Rainbow Vibration harmonises repairs and cleanses the auric field and chakra systems whilst your body is totally relaxed, releasing tension. Archangel Raziel Rainbow Vibration can be used by anyone, and will not interfere with any medications or lifestyles you have or are on.

After the session is finished, rest and sip water throughout the day and evening, allowing new energy to replace and release toxins. Be gentle and kind to yourself following the session and look forward to your renewed sense of well-being.

Please email me and send a line or two to share your Angel Reiki experience.

May we be in light of love and deep gratitude for the benefits of Angel Reiki.

If you feel you need an angel reading or counselling session after Angel Reiki go to Book Online

Archangel Raziel's distant Healing promotes the following benefits:

  • Increasing Inner Peace
  • Connection to Guardian Angel
  • Releases Spiritual and Psychic blocks
  • Revitalises and Energises
  • Increases Receptivity and Creativity
  • Rejuvenates and Uplifts
  • Magnifies Focus, Clarity and Happiness
  • Accelerates Healing and Wellbeing energy
  • Manifesting your intentions
  • Connection to Life Force Energy
  • Promotes a Deep Sense of Relaxation






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What People Are Saying
“Just to say thank you so much for today Akushi. For your time and for your sharing. You are brilliant at what you do - you really are. It was amazingly poignant and significant with realisations which my meandering mind has been avoiding big time. As it does! An added bonus is that my seized-up, painful chest is feeling better than it has in weeks. I'm really grateful so thank you again. Blessings to you.”
- Caitlin
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