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Angel Readings

Angel Readings
£36.00 for 1 Hour Session

Angel Reading 20% Summer Discount from £45 to £36

My pleasure is helping you to connect with your Angels NOW through angel readings.

I've been working with Angels on behalf of others, picking up their angelic presence for over 15 years.

I can help you to connect with your Angels immediately by intuitively channelling clear messages from the angelic realms for you, resulting in angel readings. This connects you with your inner WISDOM

What's the result?

CLARITY will influence all areas of your life including health, prosperity, career, creativity and relationships.

JOY and deep HAPPINESS will permeate your entire being.

I will help you share your problems with the Angels who will guide you with PRACTICAL support and POSITIVE solutions.

Angels are extremely accurate and LOVE to help.

How will the Angels make a difference in your life?

Firstly I will create a sacred space and invoke the Angelic realm to help you connect with your own unique Guardian Angel.

Next we will identify your subconscious blocks. Your subconscious programs you in ways that often hold you back. By clearing these "programs" you will be free to create a healthier and happier life.

I am able to communicate with Angelic realms and hold the space for you to be guided by your inner wisdom to awaken more fully and bring clarity into different areas of your life with angel readings.

If you want to go deeper and dissolve fear based believes and patterns that no longer serve your highest purpose and replace them with uplifting and new opportunities that will support positive financial abundance, worthiness, joy,  loving relationships, creativity, new projects and wellbeing it is time to consult the angels with an angel card reading.

Akushi transmits Archangel Raziel's Rainbow Vibration by tuning into the Angelic realm and accessing colourful insights for you, enabling you to tap into your inner wisdom and receive enlightening messages towards your next golden step to freedom.

Angel readings are extremely accurate and always guide us step by step towards practical solutions and help take away unnecessary worry, enabling us to be free to create a happy and fulfilling life style.

PLEASE NOTE: Akushi Angel readings are more in-depth than simple readings. 6 sessions are generally needed to take full advantage of the process and to enhance healing. When you book 5 sessions in advance, you will receive your 6th session free of charge.

Testimonials For Angel Readings

Nurturing, calming, soothing, joyful, prayer master, deeply spiritual, passionate, compassionate, playful, generous
Just wanted to say a great big thank you to you! I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and its a lovely feeling. You're the best thank you
Beloved Akushi, WONDERFUL! I love it. You are a double rainbow gift to the world.
Debra West
+44(0)7825 800159
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What People Are Saying
“Just to say thank you so much for today Akushi. For your time and for your sharing. You are brilliant at what you do - you really are. It was amazingly poignant and significant with realisations which my meandering mind has been avoiding big time. As it does! An added bonus is that my seized-up, painful chest is feeling better than it has in weeks. I'm really grateful so thank you again. Blessings to you.”
- Caitlin
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